Monday, February 27, 2012

Android ListView Widget Example in Clojure

This is how you would implement the
Android ListViev Tutorial on Android dev in Clojure.
Follow the tutorial and the build instructions from Sattvik's Neko.

Replace the Java code with

( ns
   :exposes-methods {onCreate superOnCreate})
(:import android.util.Log)

(def STRINGS ["String1" "String2" "String3"])

(defn -onCreate  [this bundle]
    (.superOnCreate this bundle )
    (let [aa (android.widget.ArrayAdapter. 
 this$layout/list_item STRINGS)]
      (.setListAdapter this aa)
      (let [lv (.getListView this)]
        (.setTextFilterEnabled lv true)
        (.setOnItemClickListener lv 
         (proxy  [android.widget.AdapterView$OnItemClickListener] []
           (onItemClick [parent view position id]
            (Log/d "CLOJURE" "CLICKED" ))

Use adb logcat and you should see the message when an item is clicked.

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